After Hackers Expose Cheaters, AshleyMadison Hookup Site Offers ‘Full Delete’ Option

You may have already heard of Ashley Madison – it was the dating site that got into hot water a few years ago because of a huge data breach, which revealed the personal details of their members. I spent nearly the last two-months on Ashley Madison trying to blow through my credits and find some real sugar. The parent company of hacked extramarital dating site Ashley Madison has agreed to pay an $11.2m (£8.57m) settlement to US-based users of the site, ending a two-year court battle. She wanted to check, though, because one of her own email accounts had been compromised recently. Stolen data from the Ashley Madison infidelity dating site includes approximately 10,000 email addresses belonging to government officials or workers withgov addresses.

That database also contains the users’ entries in three checkbox lists, variously detailing their turn-ons, what sort of person they’re looking for, and what acts they’re hoping to perform, as well as biographical information such as whether or not they smoke and drink. Shortly after the first news of the hack broke, another friend quipped, “Well, the guys using Ashley Madison were looking to get screwed.” They had no idea. But when Newitz dug deeper, she found a bunch of test accounts that ended with , suggesting that they were created internally (90% of them were for women), as well as 350 female accounts for people with the same and very unusual last name.

The database is cut up into three components: the most important accommodates profile data, including the names, road addresses, and dates of birth of users. Ashley Madison specifically caters to married members who are looking to have an affair or single users who are looking to be a part of a relationship with a married person. Even though this is a website created for married and single people looking for an affair, any adult site visitor can set up an account in 1-2 minutes or even less.

Since then, the Ashley Madison dating site has made a complete privacy overhaul. One feature which people search for before joining any dating network is the level of success and the comments cum reviews which the system has received. Chances are, most Ashley Madison users are tempted by the idea of a low-risk affair with an attractive and willing partner, but are ultimately disappointed that the real world challenges posed by an affair with a stranger are not resolved by the website.

Do not open attachments or click links in emails from people you do not know. But for women who seek women, men who seek women, and men who seek men, they can only register for free, but they have to avail credit packages to enjoy most of the site’s features. Avid Life Media denies the hacker’s accusation that it the feature didn’t work. But the hackers say that the Read user information is never actually deleted — knowledge, security experts said, that suggested the breach may have involved someone inside the company.

You cannot even send the first message for free or get like 5 free minutes to chat (some dating platforms have this feature). After the registration and exploring the service, you can add photos and personal information to make the search and matching system work better. If you are looking for a reliable site where you can meet women who would be glad to have an affair with a married man, then this platform will be a good choice. Whether all female profiles are led by women and with what intention they were once created, can not be verified.

If you’re a woman, you can get pretty good usage out of Ashley Madison without having to pay a dime. The FTC worked with a coalition of 13 states, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to resolve this matter, which was initiated in the wake of the website’s July 2015 data breach. The great advantage of this site is that you only pay for what you use, the credits do not expire and you do not risk making money with automatic renewals”.

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